Kevin Took

1978-1986 Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music

Grades 2-6       Theory of Music        Pass

Grade 7             Theory of Music        Pass with Distinction

Grade 8             Theory of Music        Pass with Merit

Grade 6             Piano                           Pass

1980 - 1985  Victoria College of Music

Grades Ia, II and IIa   Electronic Organ Playing     Distinction

Grades III and IV        Electronic Organ Playing     Distinction

Grade V                       Electronic Organ Playing     Merit

Grades VI, VII &VIIII  Electronic Organ Playing     Distinction

Diploma                       Electronic Organ Playing     Merit

Grade IV                      Theory of Music                    Distinction

Grade V                       Theory of Music                     Merit


1982 - Awarded Associate status on completion of Diploma

1992 - Awarded Certified Teacher status

1982 - 1985  London College of Music

Grade Step 2       Pianoforte Playing                 First Class

Grades 1, 2 & 4   Pianoforte Playing                  First Class

Grade 5               Electronic Organ Playing      First Class

Grade 8               Electronic Organ Playing      First Class

1982 - Southern Music Training Centre

Grade 3                        Electronic Organ              Pass with Merit        

1987 - Musician of the Year - Organ (Under 19 section)